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Privacy policy:

Important introduction to our Privacy Policy

For us your privacy is very important, this document will explain how Pallamo handles your personal information. If you decide to use our services, you accept the information on this page and authorize us to process your data in order to improve the service provided as much as possible.

How do you collect information about me?

Personal information is collected when an account is created. This information is "identifiable personal information" (also called IPI) and is provided by the user. There is another type of information, called IP, which is not identifiable (such as IP address, location, etc). They are collected during navigation and are usually used for statistical purposes.

N.B: an unregistered user only provides IP type information.

What data do you collect about me?

We may collect information when using services provided, including name, username, password, email, and other information you provide when you perform certain actions, such as:
- Register and complete our registration form
- Create or modify the user profile
- Access the Services
- Send or answer questions

If the user is not registered, we may collect non-sensitive data for statistical purposes.

Do you collect data about my computer/phone?

Information is automatically collected on the device from which Pallamo is used to use third-party services, such as analysis providers, cookies for statistical and diagnostic purposes. In this case the data are deprived of any personal information that can identify the user.


At the moment Pallamo does not provide for the use of cookies, when they will be used to facilitate access and use of the social media, this section will be updated and notified to the user.


One of Pallamo's strengths is the ability to leave feedback or messages anonymously, to the benefit of sincerity. If you are a registered user, the feedback remains anonymous to anyone. However, the system knows from which user it was sent even if it remains strictly private information. In the case of an unregistered user, the identity remains hidden.

N.B: In the case of legal investigations, cyberbullying, racism or any other form of discrimination/violence we may identify the sender and proceed with the ban or the relevant legal precautions.

Use of personal data

The information you provide will be used for:
- Provide services
- Process and respond to your requests
- Contact you in case of complaint or report
- Update on updates, or changes to the system
- Resolve any security issues
- Analyze the quality of the services provided
- Improve the content and functionality of the services
- Prevent or intervene on illegal activities
- To manage and solve problems

Share your profile

If you are a registered user, anyone with a link to their profile ( can view information such as: name, surname, profile picture, personal phrase, username.

How can I protect myself from the theft of personal information?

Internet is a jungle, regardless of Pallamo every time you surf the web you have to be careful what information is disclosed (personal number, credit card codes etc) and above all you have to be careful of any deceptive links, fake page, browser extensions that can be misleading and act in deception. NEVER provide sensitive information in the profile description, in the answers.